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Everyone deserves to read something so cute...

"Nekhlyudov could run fast, and not wanting to be caught by the artist he raced as fast as he could. When he looked round he saw the artist chasing Katusha but she kept well ahead, her lithe young legs moving rapidly. In front was a clump of lilac bushes, behind which nobody was running, and Katusha, looking back at Nekhlyudov, made a sign with her head for him to join her there. He understood and ran behind the bushes. But he did not know that there was a narrow ditch there, overgrown with nettles; he stumbled and fell in, stinging his hands in the nettles and getting then wet with the evening dew; but he picked himself up at once, laughing at himself, and ran on to an open space.

Katusha, radiant with happiness, her shining eyes black as sloes, was flying towards him. They met and caught hold of each others hands.

'I bet you got stung,' she said, adjusting her straying hair with her free hand. She was panting and smiling, looking straight up at him.

'I didn't know there was a ditch there,' he said, smiling too and not letting go of her hand.

She drew nearer and without knowing how it happened he bent his face towards her; she did not draw back, he pressed her hand tighter and kissed her on the lips." -Resurrection by L.N. Tolstoy
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